Farmer Turned Fashionista

9:47 AM

Brace yourselves for this fashion announcement betches… Overalls. Are. Back. Let me be honest when I say I definitely didn’t see that one coming. Love it or hate it, it’s trending among the likes of fashionistas such as Rihanna, Alexa Chung, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rachel Bilson, to name a few. 

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this trend at first as it evoked visions of farmers and/or flashbacks to the 90’s when I wore overalls as a child (le sigh, so ahead of my time), however, after seeing how some designers and stylists have managed to chicly interpret the trend, I’m feeling more open to it. 

Below are some options of overalls for purchase if you’re digging the trend and want to give it a try… and if you love the 90’s but absolutely hate this trend then I included a little something for you as well. Feast your eyes on this gem of my fave boy band rocking some très chic overalls!

'N Sync on the overalls trend- I want you back or bye bye bye?

If you're like me and were SUPER amped about the 'N Sync reunion at the VMAs (that is until you saw them and realized why they are no longer a thing) then you'll probably enjoy this... on repeat... all day. Thanks for the much needed closure, MTV and 'N Sync. Back to simpler times...

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