Ain't No Party Like An Arm Party

6:16 PM

We all know that betches need flair, that’s just a given. Flair adds pizzazz to any outfit and can provide a polished look and feel to take your ensemble up a notch. The details do matter! With that said, the most important piece to consider when selecting your flair is your timepiece. 

Watches are like bags or shoes; they can make a statement and are worth investing in. Some jewelry you can get away with purchasing at a lower price point, however watches are something you don’t mess with. Let’s put it this way, if your arm is hosting the party, the watch is the guest of honor. So do yourself a favor and invest in a quality timepiece- it’s functional flair you NEED to have!

Below are some timepieces that I am currently coveting; watches so sweet even Flavor Flav would be envious! Happy shopping!

Michael Kors 'Large Lexington' Chronograph Bracelet Watch, 45mm- $275 at Nordies

 Burberry Large Check Stamped Bracelet Watch- $495 at Nordies

Michele Deco Diamond-Dial Head- $595 at Neimans

 Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch- $180 at ShopBop

 Sara Designs All Chain Wrap Watch- $330 at ShopBop

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Baker Watch- $175 at ShopBop

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