Betch Please: Just A Quickie

4:11 PM

Just a quick check in... brace yourselves, betches.

1. Adidas slip-on sandals, aka shower shoes, are supposedly coming back into fashion, to which I say, ho no you DON'T. I didn't realize these were a "fashion" piece to begin with. As far as I knew, these served specifically to keep your feet free of fungus found in public shower situations. I realize sneaks are trending and I can appreciate the athletic trend as a whole but this is beyond, and not in a good Rachel Zoe way. I'm drawing the line. As you can see in the below photos, these sandals just look awkward and mismatched when paired with anything but a towel or soccer uniform. 

Wait... what?

So if you need more convincing (as if these heinous images aren't enough already) I'll give you two more reasons why these are not OK. 
Reason #1

Reason #2

Please consider the day that my fashion choices are influenced by the crazy train that is Amanda Bynes to be my silent resignation from living life. Moving on... 

2. Do not wear leggings with a short t-shirt especially in the work place. No one wants to stare at your camel toe all day. That's just plain r-u-d-e.

Megan Fox's raging camel toe.

Also, you may want to double check to make sure that what you think are "leggings" aren't actually sheer tights because not only do you look like an a$$hole but I think we all just saw your actual a$$hole.... awkward.

3. White pants are a privilege, not a right. If you can see your panty line then you're doing it wrong. If you can see cottage cheese then you're DEF doing it wrong. Cease and desist. What did those pants ever do to you!?

Bless her heart.

4. Ugg boots paired with shorts/skirts have been a thing for years but like... WHY? Why is this still happening? Are you confused about the season? Not sure what type of weather to expect? NEWSFLASH: there's this thing called the weather channel and there's an app for that. I suggest you check it and yourself if you think ugg boots with shorts is ever an appropriate outfit choice.

Hayden P... c'mon girl.

Listen, I love Ugg boots as much as the next person, but let's be real about it, they are kind of ugly. Despite the fact that they make your feet look fat and are the most unflattering shape for a shoe ever, they are the equivalent of putting your feet into fluffy clouds. They are warm and amazing BUT intended for WINTER months only. So it really boils down to one question...

Until next time...

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