Werking Gurl Swag

3:33 PM

Ah, summer.... a time for fun in the sun, pool parties and, unfortunately, work. Yes, work. Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but unless you are made of money, summer break is a thing of the past. Cry about it (I know I do) but until we hit it big in the lotto, we must work to fund our shopping habits.

As the temps go up and people begin to dress down, it's important to remember to remain professional when getting dressed every weekday, even despite the fact that it is 91,000 degrees outside. It should go without saying that bathing suits, anything sheer, cut offs, cut outs and/or flip flops are a no no. Even though you want to be at a pool, doesn't mean you can dress like you're going to one, please join us in the real world. Below are some options to help you get your working girl swag on. Added bonus, they easily transform from day to night so you can go straight to happy hour the second you're done making that paper! Werk!

Milly for Banana Republic Sleeveless Jacquard Dress- wear with a statement necklace, cardi and flats for daytime, then lose the cardigan and change the shoe for happy hour!

Theory Orinithia Ikat Dress (on sale!)- wear with flats and cardigan, pop on a heel for nighttime and some accessories!

Jcrew Pencil Skirt- Working girl staple, with a pop of color for summer.

Equipment Sleeveless Blouse- Tuck into any pencil skirt or wear in colder months with slacks or skinny  jeans.

Madewell Bistro Dress- Effortless and easy to throw on for work!

Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats- Every working girl needs a pair. Period.


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