Lions, & Tigers, & Betches! Oh, My!

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Animal prints have gained a lot of face-time in the jungle that is fashion, especially in the last few seasons. Now Fall is upon us, and not only are there animal prints, but there are straight up animals appearing on everything from betch's bags and sweaters, to scarves and shoes. Perhaps all the notable designers got together and took a field trip to the zoo (aka got high watching animal planet) and then incorporated their inspirations into their collections. Some are about as subtle as Snooki's tan, and in most cases, it appears no one had the heart to tell them A) you're incapacitated and B) that looks atrocious.

Looks below from DKNY, Edun, Altuzarra, Edun, in that order. Of course they look chic on the runway but, let's be honest, when you're 90 pounds you automatically look chic in everything. 

(Photo source:

Paul and Joe as seen in their Paris Fashion Week runway show.
Retailing for $457.

Speaking of the zoo, Mr. Fetch Betch and I recently had a lover's getaway to San Diego where we  visited the Safari Park. I too found myself inspired by the array of beautiful, natural colors and textures among the animals we saw, however I didn't get carried away enough to screen print their entire freaking faces on my t-shirt. I guess that's why I'm not a designer... or perhaps why I should become one because this is unacceptable when we all know you're capable of MUCH more, ahem, Stella!

Stella McCartney organic cotton t-shirt. Retailing for $270. 

Yes, please get me a shirt with a big pussy on it and line up the eyeballs directly in the nip region. Perfect. Don't get me wrong, I'm still into the animal prints, however not quite sure how I feel about the entire animal's face on my chest. I don't really understand this trend... and I'm an animal lover! Sometimes I pet my neighbor's filthy cats AND I'm vegetarian (like 85% of the time at least) but like I. Don't. Get. It. 

Another Stella number retailing for $332.

Sorry to pick on you, Stella, but it's pretty clear that ever since you designed the U.K. Olympic uniforms you think you're real hot shit who can just get blazed and screen print pussy cats all day, then try to sell that ish for $300. Snap out of it betch! Luckily, there are other ways to get on board with this animal inspired micro-trend. FBLA approved options below:

Current/Elliot leopard-printed pants found at Nordies.

Zara trousers found here

Jcrew wool scarf.

Jcrew chino shorts in snowcat now $39.99!

Zara leopard print messenger bag found here.

Pics from lover's getaway 2k12, taken by yours truly. Stella McCartney, eat your heart out. 

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  1. Prints, yes. Giant faces of animals with prints, no. I'm going to skip this trend and stick to loving animals, not wearing their faces as a tee or sweater.

  2. This trend is totally fierce… I have a few suggestions for the animal printed look on my own blog as well…not actually my style but hey I think plenty of fashionistas can pull this one off!