10:50 AM

So, FBLA has been a little MIA for about a week-ish... what have I been up to you ask? I've had some out of town visitors, road trips, parties, Fall clothes shopping and beach days to attend to in an effort to soak up the end of summer. More importantly, I've been working on collaborating with Giuliana Rancic (heard of her?) & her team at her lifestyle website to have my own "Fetch Fashion Finds" column run on her site! Exciting news for FBLA and I'm so glad to have the opportunity! Please sign up for their e-mails because they are awesome, obvs, and look for Fetch Betch LA on their Ambassador Network page! In the meantime, I've posted some instagrams of my recent activity below. Clearly you can see that I've been one busy betch.

Perusing Tory Burch sale section for a betch with a budget.

Malibu Chili Cook Off.

 Fetch Betch beach day.


San Diego foliage. 

 Converse Santa Monica store freaking loves America.

New Fall flannel.

New Fall boots= Steve Madden Troopa. Love obsession.

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  1. Ahhh congrats on your partnership with FFF!

  2. So excited to be doing the same! Cheers fellow FFF ambassador! You've also given me plenty of "tourist" in my own city ideas - thank you! xx!