Boo-licious Halloween Costumes

1:17 PM

You may recall from Mean Girls, the scene where LiLo breaks down Halloween for us: 

While this is extremely accurate, lingerie + random accessories does not a costume make. Be sexy and fun of course, but keep your beaver covered girl. Below are some easy, last minute costume ideas for your Halloween celebrations tonight and some tips for keeping it fetch not foul.

#1 Sexy nerd
Glasses, suspenders, shorts, tube socks & t shirt. (All supplies can be found at American Apparel

#2 Sex Kitten
Black dress, black heels, kitten ear headband, tail. (Also at American Apparel seen here)

#3 50 Shades of Grey
Tape grey paint swatches to your shirt. BOOM. Done. (Swatches available for free at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.)

#4 Girls Gone Wild
Shorts, bandeau bathing suit top, cardboard sign that reads CENSORED pinned to a zip up hoodie. (I did this last year... easy, funny & I was able to turn Mr. Fetch Betch into my camera crew!)

Party fouls include, but are not limited to, wearing lingerie, having a racist costume, not wearing a costume at all (don't be that fun hating betch), super scary costumes as seen below. Yeah it's Halloween, but the point is to be hot... don't be that girl that takes it too seriously and goes with full on face paint (that will cut into your pre-game drinking anyways). Sexy and funny trump scary, always.

Happy Halloween Betches! 


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