Jacq Attack

3:03 PM

In case you haven't noticed, the baroque trend is in full effect (no, that is not a recession joke). Betches everywhere are lovin' these lavish, 17th century-inspired duds. Once reserved specifically for royalty, The Rolling Stones and your grandmother, bold baroque patterns are now available for everyone!

Complex jacquard patterns obvi go hand in hand with baroque styling. Below are some of my baroque jacquard picks to work into the wardrobe this Fall/Winter.

Jacquard Skater Dress by Topshop for Nordies.

ASOS Knicker Short in Woodland Jacquard.

Zara Jacquard Trousers.

Topshop for Nordies Metallic Jacquard Miniskirt.

ASOS Oversized Jacquard Clutch.

Topshop for Nordies Tile Jacquard Crop Cigarette Pants.

Happy shopping betches! I leave you with words to live by...



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