These Boots Were Made for Betches

10:08 AM

Every betch knows that a pair of fetch ass boots are mandatory for living life. With so many different kinds of boots out there, I realize picking one (or three) can be quite a task. Allow me to break down the types of boots that exist and make a recommendation based on the kind of stems you're working with.

#1 The Riding Boot

Obvi a wardrobe staple, riding boots are sophisticated and timeless. They work with just about everything- pants, leggings, dresses, skirts, and instantly make any outfit look polished. If you don't have a pair, get serious about living your life and buy some. If you already have a pair, perhaps buy another. It's a great investment and the great news is they look good on almost every body type!

Tory Burch jess riding boot.

#2 The Ridin' Dirty Boot
Saucy and sexual over the knee boots are for the ultra daring betches with *super skinny legs*. Unfortunately, if you have sausage legs, or man-like legs similar to myself, these are not only a terrible option for you, they are a physical impossibility. Also, shorties need not apply either...these boots will swallow your vertically challenged bodies.

Stuart Weitzman over the knee boot. 

#3 The Mid-Calf Boot
These boots come in all kinds of styles, my personal fave being the military boot. It is important to remember to style these with extreme caution, as wearing them with the wrong outfit can either A) make you look like a dude or B) Create an optical illusion of a cankle. If you actually have cankles then I wouldn't suggest these boots for you... instead I'd recommend some calf raisers at the gym, girl. And in the meantime try some riding boots and lock those cankles up.

#4 The Ankle Boot
These too are somewhat difficult to wear but it can be done. So many different styles exist of ankle boots it is totes possible to find one that works for you!

Zara metal toe ankle boot. 

Best of luck with your boot exploration adventures, betches! If nothing else, remember this:

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