Betch Please: Fashimals

11:15 AM

Fashimals are for the betches who find animal prints simply aren't enough. They gotta one-up the animal print micro-trend by adding a real life animal to the wardrobe. Here's the thing, the trend of having animals as accessories is nothing new... Paris Hilton popularized this circa 2008. But have you ever wondered A) Is Paris Hilton still alive? and B) What has she been doing besides trying to sing and DJ? Well, since 2008, it appears she's been collecting other small helpless dogs (one for every outfit) and perhaps inspiring others to collect animals as well.

A living animal is not a necklace nor a handbag and should not be treated as such. There's a difference between having a pet and an accessory. Not to get all PeTA-like here, but what happens when this thing goes out of style? Do you want to spend your free time cleaning up poo? How do you get a mani when you have an animal to hold? You know you have to feed it right? As in real food. It can't be expected to survive on your diet plan of lettuce, vodka, and coffee. THIS IS A BIG COMMITMENT (bigger than choosing a nail polish color). Paris can't even commit to one career path, not to mention, you and I both know she's barely capable of taking care of herself, let alone armfulls of dogs!

Doesn't it seem like the people least likely to be able to care for other living things are the exact people that own fashimals? It ain't right. I'm not sure if Kim KardASSh is accepting her fate as a crazy cat lady or trying to make this an accessory... but either way I seriously doubt she's a good mommy to this poor pussy. Look at it's face for crying out loud!

Not only are celebs torturing mini dogs and pussy cats, but they are now expanding to birds, I repeat: BIRDS. Just let that sink in for a bit. I can almost understand why you might want a dog or cat as an accessory because they are cute and fluffy but BIRDS? They are basically flying rats. Meanwhile on the set of The Voice, Cee Lo is trying to french kiss this thing...

What ever happened to Cee Lo's cat? Out of season? Did Xtina eat it? Why isn't PeTA doing something about this??

In summation, please think twice before getting an animal as accessory. Yes, it matches your shoes, but remember it's prob gonna end up eating them anyways. If you are a responsible human being who'd like a PET as opposed to an accessory then please, by all means adopt one! October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog-Month so if you are up to the task then go for it. Best of luck betch.

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