Black Friday Pep Talk

10:50 AM

So it's that time of year again, the time where we all dedicate a full day to giving thanks for what we already have, immediately followed by trampling betches at ungodly hours in order to get MORE. Yippeeee! Thanksgiving isn't really about giving thanks... it's an excuse to carb the fuck up and mentally prepare for the shit show that will be Black Friday.

Have you prepped? Are you ordering online? In store? Have you researched the Black Friday specials?Have you done your cardio this week? There's a lot to think about with plenty of potential for disaster, but just remember these three words and hopefully you'll make it out alive: KEEP. YOUR. COMPOSURE. We don't need a repeat of last years mace incident. Not to mention the Target designer collabs are rapidly approaching (T minus one week after Black Friday) so consider this a practice run. Below are some deals that struck my fancy while doing my own prep work. Sharing is caring- let me know where you are shopping! Share your photos of the madness or even better the loot! Hope you have a great time stuffing your face this Thanksgiving and an even better Black Friday!








Be sure to head over to FabFitFun for some warm fuzzies as the team gives thanks today. Best of luck tomorrow and God's speed betches!


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