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Although leather is currently trending, it's not always the most comfortable to wear and can also be very expensive. Luckily for the betches who are not made of gold, there is an alternative. Waxed jeans are a fraction of the price but still have that same shiny, edgy look. In even better news, super thrifty and crafty betches can make their own waxed jeans at home, all whilst drinking a cocktail. It's seriously a piece of cake! Check out the FBLA approved options below for purchase, as well as the DIY instructions. Once you have made, or purchased, your waxed jeans, try pairing them with a chunky knit and booties for casual, chic wear, or a sassy top with heels for a night out on the town. Wax on, girl fran.

7 For All Mankind High Shine Skinny Jeans

Rich & Skinny Legacy Coated Skinny Jeans

JBrand 901 Coated Textured Super Skinny Jeans

H&M Skinny Waxed Jeans only $29.99!

DIY Instructions

You will need:
  • Heavy Duty Fabric Wax - otherwise known as Otter Wax ($10 bucks!)
  • Hair dryer
  • Jeans 

Step 1: Lay your denim on a flat work surface. Starting from the bottom of your jeans, rub the wax in even strokes covering the entire surface.

Step 2: Use your hairdryer to soften wax and smooth out with your fingers to create an even surface and create a waterproofing seal.

Step 3: Hang your jeans in a cool-dry place for 24 hours to let the wax set. (Or expedite the process by putting in the freezer)

Step 4: Wear your saucy new denims you crafty betch!

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