The Dapper Fetch Betch Featuring Model, Brian Kehoe

10:01 AM

Oh hay gurl.

For this very special edition of The Fetch Betch LA, I have invited male fashion model, Brian Kehoe, to join us & offer some of his tips for the aspiring dapper fetch betches. Brian may look familiar to some as he starred in three consistent seasons of the Oxygen Network's reality television program, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Brian is obviously very ridiculously good looking (you're welcome ladies), but beyond that he's got a killer fashion sense to match his severe looks. Below Brian shares his favorite places to shop for the fetchest of menswear.

#1 American Apparel: Always both fashionable and cheap, I wear a lot of V-necks.

#2 Live! on Sunset (recently changed name to TAGS): This store always has the newest stuff first. I've bought clothes from a new designer I'd never heard of before, and 6-12 months later their name was everywhere!

#3 Future Heretics:  They make the best skinny jeans. I was gifted a pair of their pants after a fashion show and they are so comfortable.

#4 Traffic: This store is best for accessories such as necklaces and chains. (Dapper dudes need flair too)

#5 H&M: Best beanies.

#6 Zara: They have the best fitting suits ever and without breaking the bank!

Thanks to Brian for his contributions, tips, and super hero-like upper body. For more information on Brian check out his IMDB page or tweet him directly at @KehoeFromReno and in the meantime feast your eyes on THIS------> 

Happy humpday betches!


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