Beat It Kitty Kat

5:32 PM

It's no secret that I despise kitten heels. I mean have you seen them? WHY do they even make those?! And WHY are they called kitten heels? As if naming them after a baby cat somehow makes them cuter...?

I guess I could agree that they are the more sensible choice.... but is that not why flats were invented?? If you can't handle a big girl heel then why even bother with the "kitten"!? Not even trying to be a betch but, it makes you look like a real pussy. Grow a pair, become a woman & join me in an effort to ban and burn all kitten heels. Farewell, pussy cats.


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  1. I agree the name might not be the best, but other than that, I must admit I think you are really wrong:

    - this type of heels are more comfortable and healthier than many other options

    - they are really cute for a lot of people. I particularly like the look of them better than the ones you call 'big girl heels'

    - I refuse to be considered a big girl measured by the height of my heels.

    - comments like yours make women feel like they need to suffer to be pretty.

    All in all, everybody is different, and you need to come to terms with that.

    1. Oh Raquel, sorry I'm not sorry... I will forever believe kitten heels are for children and children only. Thanks anyways for the input but we are going to have to agree to disagree. Any betch knows that beauty IS pain. Enjoy your closet full of kitten heels.... I think this blog is not for you.