The Diva Hat

11:39 AM

My boyfriend lovingly refers to my fedora as the "Diva Hat" and I'm not even mad about it, in fact I've adopted the term myself. Honestly, what fetch betch can live life without a go-to diva hat? It's the best thing to throw on when you don't feel like showering or doing your hair...also great for shielding a ginger like myself from the sun's harmful rays. 

Speaking of diva, Kate Middleton (my love obsession), has taken the notion of the diva hat to a whole new level. She gained international attention for being voted the Headwear Association's 'Hat Person of the Year', claiming 90% of the votes and beating out celeb stylist/fashion designer Rachel Zoe (burn!). This betch knows how to work a diva hat and work it well. So take notes from Kate ladies...she appropriately pairs all kinds of diva hats with different outfits for a range of occasions. 

Could a more perfect human being exist!?


Get your own version of diva hat below:

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Knotted Band Wool Fedora- available at Forever21 (on sale for $11.99!)

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 Similar hat to Mrs. Zoe= The Panama Hat- available at Jcrew

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