Coming Soon: Fetch Designer Collabs At Target

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First of all, Target is amazing... obvi. However, I think we all recall what a hot mess the Missoni for Target collab of 2K11 was. Yes I subjected myself to a (very painful) 6AM wake up call & waited in line to enter Target at 7AM on a weekday before work (don't judge me). What I witnessed there was complete madness. Women running around the store like psycho paths scooping up all the loot, filling multiple shopping carts with all the Missoni they could get their hands on &, the most notable observation, GROWN ass women crying as they entered Target 15 minutes after opening when they realized nothing was left. Shit was cray.

Flash forward, Target has announced an EPIC collab with TWENTY FOUR, that's 2-4, notable American designers beginning this Fall, and I am anticipating this to be a shit show of mass proportions. One of my favorite shoe/bag/clothes/everything designer, Tory Burch, has signed on as one of the participating contributors, and you best believe I'll be at Target bright and early the day her line is released.

Below are my tips for snagging some goods this fall. If nothing else, the Missoni meltdown of 2K11 has prepped me for dealing with the flocks of betches that are sure to storm Target stores near you.

Tip #1 Know your Target store before arrival. Familiarize yourself with the floor plan beforehand and be aware of multiple entrances....that cost me some Missoni flats, as I was unaware that the 2 level Target had a top entrance as well (doh!)

Tip #2 Arrive at least 30 minutes early to stretch and secure your place in line.

Tip #3 I would suggest some light training beforehand so you are physically able to sprint your ass around that store, perhaps also some MMA training in the event there is an altercation and force becomes necessary.

Tip #4 DO NOT become distracted by the potential celeb sightings that may occur during this AM shopping spree. If they are A) doing their own shopping and B) at Target they are probably not the kind of celeb you are interested in seeing anyways...I'm talking to you Kris Jenner (pictured below) and Kyle Richards, two celebs both spotted being greedy with the Missoni loot at Targets in Los Angeles.

Photo from yours truly

Tip #5 Although no lookbooks are available now, I would become familiar with them as soon as they are released. Study that baby like you're life depends on it.

Tip #6 If you're a night owl, or just too excited to sleep the night before your shopping spree, you can try to access the Target website when the goods become available to order online (usually EST) however the site could crash mid-order so be prepared to be frustrated like whoa.

Best of luck & God's speed, betch.

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