A Taste Of Lace

8:16 PM

Lace shorts, often confused with actual underwear, are a sexual, saucy choice for a summer night out OR even just a trip to the beach or pool. You can easily dress them up or down as you choose, and did I mention they are super sexual? 

Blake Lively in Marchesa lace shorts (only the best for Ms. Lively) & Justin Bieber ...errrr, a pixie version of Emma Watson in cream lace shorts. 

Stone Cold Fox lace shorts as seen on real life stone cold fox, K. Cav.

And finally, me in my lace shorts with Lady Gaga's wax figure who, coincidentally, was wrapped in lace from head to toe... she would.

PS I'm wearing my Zara lace shorts (no longer available but similar here), Jcrew Chambray, and Dolce Vita Archer sandals in nude.

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