High Nugg Fashion

10:32 AM

It's hard to judge the clothing of an adorable child, especially when they look like this:
(Photo courtesy of my sister...aren't my nieces and nephew fetch in their Burberry?)

However, being a fan of Suri's Burn Book, I agree that just because children can get away with a lot based on their cuteness factor, doesn't mean they can run around in burlap sacks. Listen up mama, you are prepping your child for the real world, so do keep in mind that teaching them how to dress themselves at a young age will give them a leg up on the rest of the crowd. 

Hayden and friend, Sierra in matching Juicy Couture swim suits. (Clearly fetch betches in training)

My sister, Jennifer qualifies as an authority on nugget fashion because let's be honest, did you see the first pic? Three children in coordinating BURB outfits...She gets it. She knows one day these nuggets are going to grow up and look back at these pics and thank her for not letting them run around unkempt in the equivalent of paper bags. 

While designer clothes for children are not necessary by any means, having your children A) fully clothed & B) in matching outfits is VERY necessary. Jennifer prefers the high road, as in high fashion, and chooses not only to have their outfits match, but to coordinate color schemes as well. Only the best for her nuggs.

Harrison, Hayden & Harper in Papo d'Anjo.

Jennifer's favorite places to shop for nugget clothes include: CrewCuts, Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, Mini Boden, & Gilt Groupe.

Harrison, Hayden & Harper in Janie & Jack.

Harrison, Hayden & Harper saying, "Thank God our mom gets it."

Thanks to Jennifer for creating her 3 pack of nuggs & for her contributions to today's post. For more on nugget fashion visit the {tiny} times, hide and go (style) & of course, my personal favorite, Suri's Burn Book.

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