Betch Please: Accessorization Devastation

8:17 AM

Few things get me fired up as does the dreaded kitten heel, however after I posted my thoughts on them I started thinking about other dev (dev= devastating, please keep up) things that exist that I just can't comprehend.

#1 Choker necklaces. This is not 1990...throw that crap away. The end.
I love you K. Wiig, but wtf?

#2 Belly chains...why does your stomach need a chain around it? Please tell me why? Is it so you can be more easily connected to a U-Haul? It's not cute & will only serve to accentuate your muffin top. In addition, it will leave a terrible tan line creating the illusion of fat rolls.
Brooke Hogan...why?

#3 Feather extensions in the hair. I am most definitely going to offend some with that one BUT....if you are over the age of, let's say 14 (even still might be pushing it), then you don't need that ish in your hair... just makes you look like you have wildlife living up in there.
Jenny Love Hewitt... really sorry bout this one betch. (I love her hot bod)

#4 Head necklaces? I'm talking to you, Kim Kardash. What was that bedazzled crap on your head on your wedding day? Not into it.

End note, I think what's most important here is to know what's appropriate for your age. If you're a housewife who's 40+ with kids then you need to lose the belly button ring *cough* OC Housewife Vicki Gunvalson*. Likewise, if you're 24 with a big girl job (or if you're Steven Tyler), drop the feather extensions. If you're just a person with A PULSE then never EVER buy belly chains or chokers, capiche?

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! so true!! i can take the feather earrings bc well, i wear them so im fine with it. BUT NEVER FEATHER EXTENSIONS IN YOUR HAIR. also everytime i see a belly chain i make it my point in life to "accidentally" bump into the girl and break. oopsie.