Fetch Betch Special Guest: The Ellen DeGeneres Show's Jeannie Klisiewicz

9:50 AM

Jeannie, The Ellen DeGeneres Show's field and red carpet correspondent, knows what it's like to be a betch in the spotlight (how freakin' cool is she?!) The pressure of choosing what to wear when you know MILLIONS of people will be eyeing you can surely throw some betches into a fluster. Jeannie, on the other hand, maintains simply effortless fetch appeal. This girl knows how to work the basics into brilliant and has offered to share some of her thoughts with us!

Jeannie workin' that red carpet at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

"I love the basic black dresses and jeans with a big tee. My job has me on the red carpet one day and half way across the country doing a live shot for our show the next." Jeannie tells us, "The most important thing for me is to be stylishly comfortable. Feeling comfortable means feeling confident, and I know that confidence is key to being one fetch betch!" 

Jeannie live on stage in front of thousands of Ellen fans in Oregon.

Thanks to Jeannie for being awesomely fetch and for her contributions to today's post! You can catch Jeannie every week day afternoon on  The Ellen DeGeneres Show & for additional tips you can tweet Jeannie at @jeannieeeee

Ain't she fetch?

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  1. She had my vote the day Ellen brought her on board.

  2. I'd say that smile is the most fetch #HappySmile