Let The (Style Stalking) Games Begin

11:07 AM

Today is a VERY big day because, as you probably all know, it is the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games. This is exciting for ONE reason in particular. I'm talking of course about all the upcoming Kate sightings as she is scheduled to attend a crap load of events. Yeah the Olympics are a major international competition in which thousands of athletes participate in a modern revival of the ancient games...yadda, yadda. Now back to Kate...

The super stalker at What Kate Wore(god bless her) has provided the full schedule of events and times the royals are going to attend. Memorized it as if I were going to be in London, NBD (no big deal).

Kate has already  appeared in some pre-games events, including the torch relay. She was a true vision in her electric blue skinnies from Zara (way to keep it real girl) and some affordable Stuart Weitzman wedges... she truly is the people's princess. 

She was also spotted in a Stella McCartney blue dress (way to keep it consistent/McCartney designed the UK Olympic teams outfits) and an AWESOME Cartier necklace that mimics the Olympic rings at the Road to 2012: Aiming High exhibition. 

FYI: Similar(ish) dress found at Nordies.

On a side note, I know some people were speculating Kate's younger sister Pippa to have the nicest backside in the fam, but I beg to differ and I'll tell you why. Please see below (hubba, hubba). While Pippa is indeed nicely stacked, Kate obvi takes the gold for the Middleton fam.....sorry Pip-squeak.

Can't wait to see more of Kate's fine self & her saucy outfits! Standby for awesome. See you at the games, betch.

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