Meet The Queen of Fetch: Richard Simmons

10:47 AM

Richard Simmons is one diva betch, whom I've come to know & love. His passion for wanting to help people, his absurd over the top personality & his ability to be true to himself is something I really admire. He's someone who genuinely cares about others & is an advocate for health & fitness (an important component of fetchness).

Richard and I on my bday (please disregard my leggings)

I have been attending Richard's fitness classes at his Slimmons studio in Beverly Hills for over a year now & can truly say I've never had more fun while exercising. I knew from the moment he asked "where were your inner thighs last night?" that we were going to be friends. While it's mostly fun and joking, he has also shared with us some of his painful past & his journey to self acceptance, in hopes of inspiring others. Richard has touched so many people and facilitated in the weight loss of millions. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time inspiring just myself, meanwhile this guy inspires MILLIONS? Most impressive Dicky... 

Richard has recently shared with me some of his personal tips for staying and feeling fetch (#WOOPWOOP). Obviously eating right and working out are key components, duh... recall the circle of fetch? In addition to his workout regimen & diet, Dicky tells me he doesn't leave the house without perfume or mascara, not because he's concerned with how others view him, but because it makes him feel more put together, thus giving him more confidence. I can totally relate to this... polished fingers instantly make me feel more put together... but you already knew that.

Richard has also told me his #1 rule for maintaining fetchness is to find happiness within yourself & to disregard what all others think or say. There's only ONE of you, you have only ONE body & ONE life, so live it to the fullest, take care of yourself & do what makes you happy!

Thanks to Richard for the great advice, fun workouts & for being such an awesome person! I bow down to the queen of fetch. xoxo

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