Fetch Betch Special Guest: Fashion Model, Blake Gillespie

9:59 AM

The term "fierce" brings many thoughts to mind, but I'm here to tell you that in the dictionary of fetch it is defined by two words: Blake. Gillespie.

Blake is a fashion model who's unique, yet intense look pierces through photographs and electrifies runways around the world. Blake's modeling career has taken her to New York, Los Angeles, China, Taiwan, and Mexico, giving her an eclectic sense of fashion. Below is a recap of my interview with Blake.

Sittin' pretty.

FBLA: Tell me about your sense of style.

BG: "One thing I can say about myself is that I've always been true to me and my not-so-cookie-cutter personality. The same thing goes for my sense of style, everyday is an evolution. I don't have a set style... If I feel preppy, I'll grab a pair of cigarette skinny khaki's and pair it with a tank and cardigan. If I'm feelin' rock-n-roll, I'll reach for a ripped up tshirt, vintage high waisted denim, and some chunky shoes. I think style is all about being honest, and being what you feel that day. When its contrived, or when you're trying to rip off someone else, we can all tell. You wanna wear your PJs? Then I say, wear your effin' PJs, betch."

Runway Blake.

FBLA: What's it like to be a high fashion model?

BG: "My job is tough. Don't get me wrong, it can be super "fetch", but just like anything else, there are ups and downs. I'm fortunate that I get to travel around the world, meet some of the most creative minds, and wear clothes I'd never be able to afford! However, I'm forced to spend months and months away from friends and family, work late hours, and constantly be scrutinized for my appearance. Some days I don't care what I look like and just want to eat cookies."

Native Blake.

FBLA: What does a fetch betch like yourself do when you're not on the runway?

BG: "My downtime is spent in my rustic cabin in Utah. It's good for me to have a place to come home to, and just be. I enjoy drinking hot tea on the porch, walking up and down mainstreet Park City, and spending time with my boyfriend, George, and our 2 dogs, Andi and Ronin. In the winter, if I get time off, I love to ski." 

LOOK at those legs! Note to self: Take up skiing...

FBLA: Do you have any insider fashion advice for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons?

BG: "Structure with a mix of trashy & classy! One thing I've noticed a lot of while shooting this winter's pieces is that there is a lot of edge being added to traditionally classy lines. I've been seeing sheer turtlenecks, with a hint of studding. Very tailored skirts with super high slits, and structured trench coats with pops of color &/or leather. I think this winter can be described as a mix of LA trash, with NY class."

FBLA: What advice would you give to aspiring fetch betches?

BG: "First of all I'd have to say, just be true to yourself. I think one of the negatives of the information age is that we are constantly being barraged with comparisons and images of how we think we should be. Unplug for a while, figure out what makes you tick, and make no apologies for it. Life is about having a blast, its not about slaving away so you can have what you or someone else thinks you should have. Being fetch is being confident enough in yourself to have your own personality and make your life what you want it to be. Not everyone will understand your personal fetchness, and that is A OKAY."

Photographs compliments of GH Model Management, Mexico City.

Thanks to Blake for being the #1 hottest model betch ever and for her time and contributions to today's post! Be sure to check out her blog, den fashin, for more amazing photos and info on Blake.

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  1. Loved that last quote of hers! It is so true. The comparison trap can be tricky; unplugging is a great idea to reconnect with our true selves. Thanks, Blake!