Stud Muffin

9:59 AM

Studs are quickly making their way from our handbags & shoes to our jackets, & as of most recently, shirt collars. I personally love studs & their ability to instantly give any outfit badass appeal (as seen below on real life badass, fashion icon Alexa Chung).

Studded collar, holler!

If utilized correctly, studs can spice up any outfit, however there's a fine line between stud and dud. Below are some horribly studded pieces that have gone awry. Note that they are all mostly from the Ed Hardy website.... if you own Ed Hardy I am going to suggest you burn it (if you are offended by this statement then you are probably in the wrong place to begin with). Sorry I'm not sorry, Mr. Hardy.

On a side note, who remembers the Bedazzler? I had one circa 1995 & I'm wishing I still had it handy to make my own studded collars. Sigh... yet another indicator that I was well ahead of my time.

Below are some socially acceptable ways to incorporate studs into your outfits... I wouldn't recommend wearing them all together. Moderation is key people.

ASOS studded collar top found here.

Me with my studded clutch from Kitson. Similar here.

HOT and spicy studded shorts from Runwaydreamz found here.

Gold cone stud earrings from Bauble Bar found here.

Studded slipper from Zara. (Loafers are gonna be a hot ticket this Fall... act now before they sell out!)

Studded clutch from Zara found here.

Because the title of this post can be very misleading, AND I didn't want to disappoint any readers (I know everyone is currently all hot and bothered by Fifty Shades of Grey), I have included some Olympic stud muffins for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

USA Olympic swimmer and gold medal winner, Ryan Lochte. MAJ slam piece.

US Olympic rowing team at the medal ceremony... look close, winning the gold can be reallllllllly exciting, can't it?

Good luck being productive after reading this, betches (evil laugh). xoxo

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  1. you kill me. that last comment. hilarious. Love it! great post, betch