Smokin' Hot Smoking Slippers

10:06 AM

THIS JUST IN: Smoking slippers are the new ballet flat. So if you want to be a trendy betch, I suggest you bust a move and get some stat. This masculine looking flat is very versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits, not to mention they are also very comfortable. The east coaster in me loves the preppy loafer look while my fetch betch self appreciates the edgy LA-esque studs and prints. As previously mentioned, I am an advocate for flats during the work week. That being said, these are a perf addition to the wardrobe for work and play.

Alexa Chung, Beyonce, & Tay Swift sporting smoking slippers.

Smoking slippers can be found pretty much EVERYWHERE, however I happened to have stumbled across some more affordable options. Recently, I scored some leopard print slippers from Target seen below. The leopard look almost identical to Sam Edelman in person and are fairly comfortable. Best part is they are only $19.99!
I'd recommend going a 1/2 to full size down. Find them here.

Can't afford Louboutin studded slippers? Who can?! Try Zara- they have multiple options for studs on their website. 
Find these for just $49.90 here. Additional colors available.

GAP also has a TON of options for slippers ranging between $39.99-$49.99. I'm personally obsessed with the polka dots seen lower right.
Find them on GAP's website here.

Let's take a time out to thank the creator of the smoking slipper, Mr. Hugh Hefner. Did he actually invent the smoking slipper? I meannn, short answer, no, but the man built an empire all while wearing pajamas... what have you ever made in your PJs besides coffee?! Hugh has sported the same iconic smoking jacket and slippers for decades, and LONG before they were trendy, so let's give him some fashion street cred.  Way to go Hugh! We dig your kick-ass slippers, you pervy betch. xoxo

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