Fetch Betch Special Guest: Musician Amanda Bantug

11:29 AM

Singer/song writer Amanda Bantug is one musically talented fetch betch. This chick has pipes and is obviously very artistically astute. Not only is Amanda talented, but she also exudes confidence and style.... two very necessary things for any aspiring musician.

Amanda tells me she was once a severe tomboy, however as she grew up she became more in touch with her feminine side. She describes her personal style as a blend between the two. " I love wearing a big t-shirt, skinny pants and Vans, but you might see me in a cute dress and heels the next day...I'm all over the place & I love it." 

Grrr... so fierce! 

I dig Amanda's fun, funky, youthful style & I appreciate the fact that she likes to mix her tomboyish tendencies with more feminine articles. The mixing of delicate, girly pieces with more masculine items is currently a trending style & one I can get onboard with. See below as my favorite fashion blogger, Atlantic-Pacific, demonstrates how to perfectly combine these pieces.  

(Photo source: atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com)
All aboard this trend train!

Thanks to Amanda for her contributions to today's post and for being awesome in general! Be sure to "Like" her Facebook fanpage and to check out her sweet tunes on her website. For additional info you can tweet Amanda at @amandabantug.

Download Amanda's "Friends EP" Album Here

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  1. A2A on the mixing of masculine and feminine items!! Thanks for sharing Amanda's music. She's really talented!