Kate's Olympic Style Recap

10:19 AM

So the games are over and we are all suffering from serious Kate withdrawal. Yes, the actual games themselves were AMAZING, all the athletes gave great performances, countless world records were broken and we witnessed some memorable olympic moments, but even still, Kate emerges as the real winner. I appreciate the fact that she kept her attire low key, so as not to detract from the athletes, and, as always, classy and appropriate. Below is a recap of Kate's patriotic looks, and naturally, I want everything she wore.

LOVE her red GB tennies.

So who caught the closing ceremonies? Everyone? Ok, just making sure. It's been said, and I have to agree, that it was indeed quite a way to showcase how Britain peaked musically in the 90's. My heart skipped a beat for the Spice Girls reunion... & how hilarious was it that Posh was just posing while clearly concentrating on looking hot? God, I love that cold-faced betch. Meanwhile, Sporty Spice was amped up on red bull (or coke, who knows) and the other three just fist pumped the whole time, as seen below. Regardless, I loved it. Here's to hoping this reunion inspires a comeback. 

Until next time, spice up your life betches. xoxo 

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