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Fashion is a lifestyle. It's something I've incorporated into my everyday life and into my home. I have an affinity for Pottery Barn and all that it stands for. Every room in the catalog looks so inviting, warm and cozy- I've basically studied it and modeled my apartment after it. Below are some pics from my lair and some tips for keeping an inviting, yet fetch, home.

Tip #1: Stay fresh and so clean.
It starts with one shirt on the floor and the next thing you know you're starring in an episode of Hoarders & wondering where your life went awry. Just keep clean from the get go and do it at least once a week so there will be less of a mess to tackle each time. Take a trip to the Container Store (aka heaven on Earth) for some organizational tools and get cute stuff to organize with so you can at least trick yourself into thinking you're having fun while cleaning.

Fabric storage boxes purchased at Container Store for fashionably functional storage of linens and towels. (Currently on sale!)

Tip #2: Play with your food.
My favorite part about using food as decor is that it allows you to change it up frequently AND it serves a dual purpose because you can eat it too! Betch has gotta eat, am I right? Lemons or limes are great for summer, apples & mini pumpkins (don't you love miniature everything?) are typically what I would use for Fall. Mints for Christmas, jelly beans for Easter...the possibilities are endless.

Pier 1 pedestal dining table with an apothecary jar filled with lemons as a centerpiece.

Tip #3: Don't hate, decorate.
Some simple pieces of decor can go a long way. On my coffee table I have displayed some candles, sand and shells (as a southerner turned Cali girl, I take every chance I get to emphasize my proximity to the beach). They add some character to the room and the candles are vanilla scented so they smell delicious. 

Tip #4: Trays on trays on trays.
You can never have too many. They are great to decorate with and serve to help organize random items, such as remotes, magazines, etc.

Tray 1 from Bloomingdales (similar here). Tray 2 from Target.

Tip #5: Utilize flower power.
Flowers have the ability to lighten up any room... just ask Real Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump, who has fresh flowers delivered to her home weekly. Obviously I don't have fresh flowers... I'm just a real housewife in training. Pier 1 and Pottery Barn (and sometimes even Michael's) have cheap faux flowers that look real and have the same effect.

Tip #6: Stock up on the a-a-a-a-alcohol.
What good host doesn't provide drinks for their guests? It's the first thing I offer. 
I don't want my friends to associate my home with dehydration. You know what's not welcoming? A desert.

Buffet from World Market complete with wine storage (kinda dark but best believe there's wine in there) and shelved cabinets for the hard stuff (wink, wink).

Tip #7: Burn one down. 
....candles that is. You can never have too many. They make your place smell great and they make the room feel full. 
My favorite brands of candles are Voluspa (above) and Archipelago.

Don't you have cleaning to do? Until next time, betches....

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