Fierce Functional Flats

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Contrary to what Real Housewife of BHills, Lisa Vanderpump, says, flats are the greatest invention of all time. I don't care who you are, there's a definite time limit on the number of hours your feet can withstand being squished in a pair of heels. Below are some of this betch's fave flats for the office and casual wear.

FAVE flats ever, ever are obviously Tory Burch Eddie Flat. The lambskin in particular are amazing and if you don't have a pair I recommend you come out of your cave and buy some.

Tory Eddie Flats as seen on the adorable Kristen Bell.

Next up on list of must-have's are the Tory classic Revas. These shoes are my go-to work shoe. They are a nice looking, comfortable flat with some added toe flair for good measure. 

(Free shipping on Reva's from
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Perfect summer flats (take note of the built-in ventilation system) for work and play= Matt Bernson Mulberry Flat, available here.

Delman Falon Flats are also a favorite of mine. They are quilted with a cap toe...similar look to Chanel. They are super comfortable and usually available for a discounted price on Gilt Groupe!

Mila cap toe ballet flats from JCrew have a similar cap toe as the Delman flats but have elastic around the foot similar to the Tory Eddie:  

I can agree that pretty much any elevated shoe can make your legs and back side look a million times better, but don't kid yourself, not everyone is always lookin' at your booty... conceited much? Also, it's not very attractive if you're unable to walk like a normal person. You know what shoes are for? Walking. If you can't walk in them then don't buy them. It's quite unnecessary & uncomfortable to wear heels to work everyday, and FYI when you stomp by desk it inhibits my work flow, betch! Besides, it's unrealistic to think you can manage in heels 24/7 so just calm down and get some flats already. Your feet will thank you... or me rather. Here's to happy feet!

You + flats =

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